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Highlights from this issue

  • story 1

    Living the Good Life at RiverWoods

    Wellness is central to the core beliefs, activities and social programs at RiverWoods in Lewisburg, a senior living community preparing for its 100th anniversary in 2016.

  • story 2

    Zumba: It's good for what ails you

    The Latin tunes are pumping through the stereo system. Hips are shaking. Feet are sliding across the floor. Hair is swinging.

  • story 3

    Cheese From the Valley

    Penn Cheese, a small factory in Winfield, produces cheddar cheese, seasoned cheeses and cheese spreads and award-winning Swiss cheese.

  • story 4

    Jack of all trades, musical master of all

    When Williamsport native Kenny Wittman came on the music scene more than 45 years ago, he put it into a spin.

  • story 5

    Danville's first hospital turns 100

    The history of geisinger medical center from the beginning when it opened in 1915 by Abigail Geisinger to the present day.

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