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  • story 1

    Brad Haubert, of Fogarty Homes

    Making Home Your Favorite Destination. "We like to say a lot of builders can build a house," Haubert said, "but we build a home."

  • story 2

    Fireworks by Bixler Pyrotechnics

    We all grew up with fireworks around us, every Fourth of July, to celebrate America's freedom.

  • story 3

    Oscar Night at The Campus Theatre

    On March 2, the Campus Theatre, located at 413 Market St. in Lewisburg celebrated "Hollywood's Biggest Night."

  • story 4

    The Lincoln Highway

    A route for motorists between New York City and San Francisco, the Lincoln Highway was the 1st coast-to-coast route for cars.

  • story 5

    Benton Rodeo

    The Benton rodeo is a top draw because of the quality of the grounds, the location and the people.

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