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Highlights from this issue

  • story 1

    Wade Spicer

    Strong Pools & Spas' president Wade Spicer has demonstrated a remarkable gift for creating a thriving international business.

  • story 2

    Fry up some Fritters

    If there's one food we don't make often enough, it's fritters. Mmm. Such lipsmacking, flavor-packing fun!

  • story 3

    Riding the rail trail

    A bike is a really unusual piece of technology where using it almost invariably makes you feel good.

  • story 4

    Re-enactors remember 1779

    The Warrior Run Heritage Society stages a re-enactment of the battle every year as a highlight of Fort Freeland Heritage Days.

  • story 5

    Furmano's strong on legacy

    Furmano's, the food-products company based in Point Township, has come a long way during the past nine decades.

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