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Highlights from this issue

  • story 1

    Two Shops - One Determined Owner

    She had no idea what she was getting into, really, when she decided to purchase a little store on the main street of a quaint little town called Lewisburg.

  • story 2

    Feather trees: No longer a lost art

    Guy Stamm twirls a piece of wire in his fingers, and little by little feathery fir appears, turning the wire into a pine branch for a Christmas tree.

  • story 3

    The House that Jacob Built

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower's grandfather, Jacob F. Eisenhower, built this house in Elizabethville in 1854.

  • story 4

    Restored Church Building Has Rich History

    From the outside, it looks brand new. The paint is fresh. The roof is new. There's a beautiful stone patio and walkway

  • story 5

    Confessions of a Sometimes Santa

    From Here to ... here: I'll never forget the first time I ever played Santa Claus. It was December 1972.

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    Taste of the Valley

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